Segment 9 of 9, The UT Sniper, Dissecting the Life and Legacy of Charles Whitman: It’s a Wrap!

In this segment we will wrap up Dissecting The Life and Legacy of Charles Whitman by discussing: Allen Crum and PTSD (the deputized civilian who climbed the tower with Ray Martinez). Why did Charles smash his mother’s wedding rings and hand? (We can only conjecture.) Listening to Kathy Leissner Whitman (Charles Whitman’s wife he murdered) we will talk about domestic violence through an article titled Catapult and a pocket book, titled Listening to Kathy, written by Jo Scott-Coe. We will answer the question posed in Segment One about the missing brains from the University of Texas, including that of Charles Whitman: Are they missing?

So, what is next on the horizon for Breadcrumbs and Bloodhounds? Listen to find out!

For a full list of attributions for all segments, please see previous posts. Additionally for this segment: RaspberryTickle: Female Sad Tragic Ambience / Jason Shaw Audionautix / Front Porch Sitter / Nat’l Domestic Violence / Mayo Clinic / Audio recording of The Life and Crimes of Richard Hernandez / Texas Tribune: Allen Crum Story

Thank you to Jean Worrell for sponsoring my 9th and final episode of the UT Sniper!

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