Segment 8 of 9: The UT Sniper, Dissecting the Life and Legacy of Charles Whitman: What, if anything, have we learned?


In this segment we will talk about Play Deprivation and the impact ‘lack of play’ might have on children; but, can it create a murderer? We will also explore another school shooting that occurred in Austin, Texas – what were the signs that might have been missed? Afterward, we will tie up a few loose ends, make a couple of corrections to Wikipedia’s account; then, listen to a few experiences as told by those who were there that day according a wonderful article written by Texas Monthly titled’ 96 Minutes’. Coming Up in Segment 9: We will talk just a bit about Allen Crum, followed by the murder of Margaret Whitman (Charlie’s mother) and honor Kathy Leissner Whitman, aka Mrs. Charles Whitman.

Suggested Viewing: Tower is a 2016 American animated documentary film about the 1966 shootings at the University of Texas at Austin directed and produced by Keith Maitland. The film follows the shooting from the perspectives of several survivors, recreating their recounts via actors filmed and later animated in rotoscoping. If you have never seen the movie Tower, you must see the film. It is excellent!! Just follow this link for the trailer. Tower by Keith Maitland

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The below are attributions and sources of all segments.

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MUSIC: A Moment’s Reflection, HipHopNoVocal & A Dark Heart/ music attributed to: Jason Shaw/Audionautix; Creepy Lullaby by InspectorJ/Freesound; Music from Creepy Music Box: julius_galla/Freesound ; Tawny Owls Benboncan/Freesound;Waves Crashing – Monterosso al Mare, Italy 03/Freesound; John Clay: Whitman Massacre Ballad; Freesound: ultradust/pacing footsteps; Freesound:kwahmah_02, camera shutter; Freesound: MAJ061785, scared breaths; Debussy: Claire de Lune

Sad Song: cheesepuff w/Free Sound; Kleber_KGF w/Free Sound: Piano Song

Bell Tower attributed to News Reel

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