Segment 7 of 9, The UT Sniper, Dissecting the Life and Legacy of Charles Whitman: Honoring Claire Wilson James

Wikipedia: At 11:48 a.m. Whitman began shooting from the observation deck 231 feet (70 m) above the ground,[16] targeting people on the campus and on a section of Guadalupe Street known as the Drag, which was home to coffee shops, bookstores, and other student hangouts.Wilson was the first person Whitman shot from the tower. She and Eckman were leaving the Student Union when Wilson, eight months pregnant, was shot in the abdomen at 11:47 am; her baby was killed. As Eckman went to her aid he was shot in the chest and died instantly. Passerby Rita Starpattern lay next to Wilson, and for an hour comforted her and kept her conscious.[17] Eventually James LoveJohn “Artly” Fox and others left their protected location (while Whitman was still shooting) and carried Wilson to safety and also retrieved Eckman’s body.[15][18] Wilson remained hospitalized for three months.[15][19]

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MUSIC: A Moment’s Reflection, HipHopNoVocal & A Dark Heart/ music attributed to: Jason Shaw/Audionautix; Creepy Lullaby by InspectorJ/Freesound; Music from Creepy Music Box: julius_galla/Freesound ; Tawny Owls Benboncan/Freesound;Waves Crashing – Monterosso al Mare, Italy 03/Freesound; John Clay: Whitman Massacre Ballad

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  1. fjschuckjr says:

    Duh, do I feel ignorant! (Used to a DJ buddy of mine there in Austin, who used that term constantly!
    Any, I managed to listen to this Segment 7 bit and liked it a lot! Now, what am I supposed to do to continue, or is this just to get my approval/comment on this terrific “Introduction?”
    Sent from my iPhone


  2. fjschuckjr says:

    Finished all of these Segments (1 thru 7) and am totally impressed! A few glitches here and there, but substantially sound and accurate! Naturally, I cannot speak in regard to the veracity of others here, but I hope they have been honest and forthcoming in their contributions.
    Joe Schuck


    1. Let’s keep working on the glitches if able and worth the time to correct. Being close to Charles Whitman in early military and college life, knowing him personally, I value and appreciate your input Joe. Thank you for listening. I hope for your continued feedback in following segments as well.


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